Lance Archer Lists Non-AEW Talent He Would Love To Wrestle

October 18, 2020

Lance Archer is coming off the back of another loss in AEW for the AEW Heavyweight Championship. On a recent Q&A, Lance Archer was asked a number of questions on who he’d like to face who isn’t currently in AEW. Lance Archer’s first choice was a bit out of left field,

Ricochet is currently on WWE RAW, but over the last 12 months he hasn’t really been used properly. Ricochet in AEW would be a great combination, and with Lance Archer mentioning his name, could this be something we see in the future?

Lance Archer was then asked who he would have loved to have wrestled from the past.

Sting is one of the best in the business and for not just a competitor but for what he’s done for the business, Sting is up there with the likes of The Undertaker.

Lance Archer was then asked what his favourite match has been over the last few years,

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