Kushida once again leveled-up his world-beater status, this time by besting SmackDown LIVE’s Apollo Crews in a riveting dream match that had the NXT Universe on the edge of their seats

Crews, who was making his return to NXT TV for the first time in more than three years, appeared galvanized by the hero’s welcome he received inside Full Sail Live, and that only added to Kushida’s troubles trying to put away the boulder-shouldered Superstar from Stone Mountain, Ga.

With his unique combination of herculean strength and gymnastic elasticity, Crews thrashed Kushida with power moves and aerial feats. Unable to match his opponent’s incredible physical attributes, Kushida relied on a strategic counterattack, laying the groundwork for his signature Sakuraba Lock by targeting Crews’ left arm anytime the opportunity presented itself.

As the bout reached its final stretch, both Superstars found themselves locked in battle on the top turnbuckle. Then, in a moment that made the entire NXT Universe hold their breath, Kushida pulled Crews off the top rope with a rolling armbar. Crews desperately scrambled to break the hold, but the ring-wise Kushida stayed one step ahead and deftly maneuvered into the Sakuraba Lock for the tapout. Although he lost, Crews held his head high after the match as Kushida raised his arm in a clear show of respect for the SmackDown LIVE fan favorite.
Article source: WWE.com

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