WWE Champion Kofi Kingston would arrive to SmackDown LIVE at MSG reflective on the night in 2009 where Kingston battered Randy Orton from pillar to post in The World’s Most Famous Arena, a night that altered his career.

However, Kofi’s trip down memory lane would soon be interrupted with multiple chants of “stupid” from Orton. The Viper would then claim Kingston was nothing but a fraud, statements that had Kofi immediately ready to fight ahead of their WWE Clash of Champions slate this Sunday. The Apex Predator would trick Kofi though, having a steel chair concealed that he would immediately use to thrash Kingston near the iconic spot that Kingston bested him in the Garden a decade ago. The WWE Champion would battle back though, obtaining the chair that Orton brought into the equation and striking Randy multiple times with vigor. Kingston looked primed to repeat history and smash Orton through a table yet again in MSG. Kofi would finally keep Randy down with one final strike of the chair and then created a full-circle moment, driving The Viper through yet another table with a dazzling splash from the stands of MSG.

Advantage Kofi, at least for tonight.
Article source: WWE.com

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