Kofi Kingston did the impossible and after crossing many hurdles, finally won the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 35 by defeating Daniel Bryan. He recently spoke to TMZ Sports and addressed a question that has been asked by fans for a long time and that is what will happen to The New Day if they ever split up.

Kofi didn’t understand why people would ever want them to split up. Their goal was to lift each other up the entire time. However, with the Superstar Shake-Up next week, it is uncertain what will happen.

“I don’t understand why people say that, we’ve said since the beginning of time the philosophy of New Day is to lift your brother up, that is the goal. I think the stereotypical path to take with all these factions, when somebody has success, one of them goes off and does something on their own. Someone wants success, one of them goes off on their own. That’s like very typical.”

Most stables in WWE eventually come to an end and it has happened throughout the company’s history. It would be nice to think that The New Day might be an exception and stay together.

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h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.
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