Kassius Ohno again asked NXT General Manager William Regal about his “shiny new toy”

Still yearning for bigger opportunities and tougher competition, Kassius Ohno approached NXT General Manager William Regal outside of Regal’s office, just as Regal was done updating reporters on his Aleister Black investigation. (The official line is that Regal’s not ready to reveal his list of remaining suspects).

Recalling their conversation weeks ago, when The Knockout Artist cryptically asked Regal to let him know when his “shiny new toy” arrives, Ohno accused Regal of not appreciating his talent and implied that Regal’s “bromance” was to blame. Ohno further suggested that the unnamed “shiny new toy” could be the same person who attacked Black.

Regal excused himself and returned to his office, but before cameras cut away, Nikki Cross appeared in the hallway and ominously told Ohno (who Regal had cleared of wrongdoing in the Black attack) that she knows what he did, too.

Article source: WWE.com

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