Joseph Conners def. Travis Banks and Ligero in Triple Threat Match

December 5, 2019

In the wake of an attack by Joseph Conners that spoiled a return match between Ligero and Tyler Banks several weeks ago, General Manager Johnny Saint established a Triple Threat Match between the three combatants to settle the issue.   

The match was an absolute war of attrition from start to finish and featured a jaw-dropping sequence: Banks hitting the Kiwi Crusher on Conners, Ligero executing the C4L on The Kiwi Buzzsaw, and Connors carrying out Don’t Look Down on the Leodensian Luchador.

However, in the final seconds of the contest, Connors showed that he is indeed worthy when he hurled Banks into Ligero on the apron before finishing off the latter with his second Don’t Look Down of the night.
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