You may remember the story back in March where a chance encounter between John Cena and San Diego Padres prospect Logan Allen led to an unusual, show-me-what-you-got bet from the 16-time World Champion that the kid would never make it to the majors. The stakes? One dollar, autographed by the losing party.

A few months later, Cena’s paid up: The lefty Allen made his major-league debut last night for the Padres with Cena in attendance, pitching seven scoreless innings and striking out five to earn the victory against the Milwaukee Brewers. Allen also logged his first career hit and run.

That’s an impressive debut by any measure, and true to his word, Cena paid the man the very next day, on the mound, in front of the audience, with a very special message scrawled across the Washington: “Logan, I was wrong.”

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