Joey Janela Fires Back At Alleged Disrespect From Indie Star Elayna Black

January 16, 2021

Every now and then a tweet will get your attention. Whether it’s for an angle or for reasons outside the ring, a tweet will jump out because it’s guaranteed to cause controversy. And on this late evening, Joey Janela has certainly done that.

Indie star Elayna Black took a swipe at Joey Janela, and based on responses from fans, it seems to be some form of good natured ribbing. However, Janela’s response to Black certainly stands out to give people reason to think Black struck a nerve.

Janela quote tweeted her, responding as he seemed to not only try to swipe at her, but threaten her status with GCW and cite her “attitude” coming from her having a relationship with GCW star Blake Christian. There’s a lot to unpack in the tweet. It’s no secret Janela has a lot of pull with GCW, as he is close with GCW promoter Brett Lauderdale. To call out one of GCW’s top stars right now, in addition to outing the relationship between Black and Christian as he cursed her out seems far less professional than Janela would want to be seen at the moment.

Then again, maybe he’s just trying to pull a fast one on fans and work us all. Regardless, accusing a woman of having an “attitude” because of who she dates will surely set off some fans.

Yo @GCWrestling_ take her off this 24 hour deal, I’m done…. starts dating the the new indie fuck @Air_Blake2234 & thinks that she can talk like this, absolutely no respect… I’m legit calling you out in pubic you’re one of the most overrated wrestlers I’ve ever seen.. fuck off

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