If you pay attention to Wrestling Twitter at all, you’re well aware of Jim Cornette’s distaste for many of the modern wrestlers for their interpretation of wrestling.

The most recent wrestler to get in Jim’s crosshairs is G-Raver. G-Raver is a deathmatch wrestler and competed at GCW’s 2 Cups Stuffed show over All Out weekend.

During the match G-Raver was injured, he was doing spot where he’d be brainbustered over the top of a ladder by Jimmy Lloyd. The ladder had light tubes affixed to the top of it. When Lloyd was picking Raver up, Raver went to use the ladder for support but ended up breaking the light tubes. Both men fell to the floor with G-Raver slicing his arm/mid-section up by having all of his weight on a broken light tube. The clip went viral.

As viral clips from “outlaw mud shows” go, this one was also shown to Jim Cornette by one of his “Cult Of Cornette” members.

That’s a nasty little nick the guy got on his arm there at the end, if the fans were lucky they probably stopped the show so everyone could watch this idiot bleed out.
Jim Cornette

Cornette also had an issue with G-Raver using a GoFundMe to pay for medical costs related to the injury.

Then today, G-Raver came out with a new shirt.
Jim Cornette was none to pleased and a discussion between himself and G-Raver happened, with Jim Cornette’s lawyer getting involved.

We will keep you posted if this develops any further.

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