Indy Spotlight: Q&A with Laura Loveless!

August 21, 2020

On this week’s Indy Spotlight, we highlight Laura Loveless!

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Nicknamed¬†The Siren, independent professional wrestler Laura Loveless embodies much about the term. She has a distinctive aura about her that is accentuated by the angel’s wings that she occasionally wears in her ring entrances. In her matches, Loveless is crafty, often luring her opponents to make critical mistakes. These characteristics have helped Loveless establish her place in the growing, increasingly competitive, and ever popular world of women’s wrestling. Loveless has appeared in many promotions, including Ohio Championship Wrestling (OCW), International Combat Sports (ICS), Allstar Wrestling of the Carolinas (AWC), and RYSE Wrestling. We imagine her resume will continue to fill up as more promotions recognize her talent.

Recently, Loveless corresponded with us to discuss standing out in the women’s wrestling industry and making her ring entrances unique, among other topics.


Thanks for taking some time to talk to us. To different extents, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered routines for nearly everyone in every walk of life. How are you handling things? What’s been keeping you occupied these past several months?

LL: Fitness mainly. Mixing up my routine. I built a heavy bag stand too for something different to do. Also I still have my day job, so there’s that.


With women’s wrestling continuing to enjoy great popularity, wrestling fans are being introduced to more amazing women athletes than perhaps ever before. From your perspective, what does it take to stand out in an increasingly competitive women’s wrestling industry?

LL: Building a gimmick that no one else has and knowing where you want to go with it. Being confident with your gimmick and knowing what you’re worth.

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What has been the most fun or fulfilling aspect of your journey in the wrestling industry so far?

LL: Traveling to new places definitely. Getting to work new talent. Also being considered for RISE’s Cause for a Change seminar. Hopefully they’ll reschedule and I’ll be going to Chicago sooner than later.

Photo source: Laura Loveless Facebook


The wings you sometimes wear in your ring entrances are awesome. If you had an unlimited budget and could either design or purchase your entrance and ring gear for a marquee match on a grand stage with thousands of fans, can you describe what that gear would entail?

LL: I have white and gold gear for when I’m face and white extendable wings that look great. For my heel gear I have this really neat metallic blue strap gear and black extendable wings. I was going to debut it for RISE actually.

Photo source: Laura Loveless Facebook


Let’s say a new wrestling fan sees you compete for the first time. What do you want that fan to remember about you after your match is over?

LL: My intent for wanting to win. My motives and actions during the match. Above all else, what I might do next.


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