Indy Spotlight: Q&A with Ice Williams!

May 23, 2020

On this week’s Indy Spotlight, we highlight Ice Williams!

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For many of today’s professional wrestlers who currently appear on the biggest stages, the independent promotions are where they established themselves. As a result, wrestling fans often wonder which current independent wrestler will soon become a household name among the largest audiences. We suggest that Ice (ice ice ice ice) Williams is one to watch. Nicknamed “The Coldest Champion on the Planet,” the Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) No Limits Champion exudes confidence and charisma from his ring entrance all the way through the end of his matches. There’s almost no need for commentary when he’s in the ring; Williams provides his own soundtrack through trash talking his opponents, reacting to painful moments, and interacting with fans at ringside. The athleticism is clearly there with Williams. It seems to us that he’s also a natural entertainer.

While it’s apparent that Williams genuinely enjoys every second of getting to perform in the ring, it’s also clear that he has just as much fun with his promos and with being in front of the camera in general. The California native’s promos often mix seriousness with humor, and they supplement his ongoing feuds in entertaining ways. We feel that it’s only a matter of time until Williams’ talent becomes familiar to wider audiences. Recently, Williams shared with us how he’s dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, how he views his character, and more.


We appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. With the ongoing pandemic, a lot has changed for nearly everybody in every industry. How are you handling things? What’s been keeping you occupied over the last few weeks?

IW: I’ve been handling everything one day at a time, and for the most part I’ve been mid key chilling. The only interesting thing that’s been keeping me occupied is this nuke killstreak (30) I’ve been trying to get in Call of Duty. I died 1 off just last week and my heart has been hurting since, but that new Drake album has been keeping my head up.


Sometimes, pro wrestlers say that their characters are either their real selves times ten or a toned down version of their actual personalities. How would you describe Ice Williams in relationship to who you are in everyday life?

IW: Yeah, 100% what you see is who I am. I’m a kid who was born and raised in Long Beach, Compton, and all over California, who moved to Las Vegas, and then decided to follow his dreams of becoming a Professional Wrestler/Sports Entertainer. I just might have a tendency to act a little extra foolish in front of a crowd or a camera.

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We have to ask you about your YouTube channel, IceTV: your promos and vignettes are consistently entertaining and deserve more attention. How much planning (if any) goes into them, or does everything just flow naturally and on the fly?

IW: I appreciate the kind words. Promos are the main reason why I started wrestling. So as soon as I had my first match, BOOM, now I have all the reason in the world to start cutting promos. For the most part I cut promos accordingly with my upcoming matches/shows, because now it’s time to try to put people in the seats. Now, my Road to the No Limits Championship Series, I was just putting those videos out as they were happening & the galaxy made all of the videos connect and make sense on some MCU stuff.

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Your star continues to shine on the independent scene, with your reign as FSW No Limits Champion being another accolade. For you, what’s been the most fun or fulfilling aspect of your journey in this business so far?

IW: I feel most fulfilled after shows when I get to talk to the Ice Mob & the other fans that come up to me. Those interactions are where I can really tell if folks are invested in what I’m doing while I’m out there performing.

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Let’s say someone comes across your work for the first time. What do you want that person to learn about you? What do you hope they take away from your performance?

IW: Learning about me is going to be difficult, but if folks stumble upon my content I just want them to want to see more. I want to make people want to go see an Ice Williams match because we all about to turn up if Ice gets the dub, NO CAP! Other than that I just want to entertain the people the best way I know how to and I definitely can’t wait to make some more magic with future matchups.

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