Indy Spotlight: Q&A with Danny LimeLight!

May 16, 2020

On this week’s Indy Spotlight, we highlight Danny LimeLight! 

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When watching Danny Limelight compete in a wrestling match, several characteristics immediately become apparent: he’s technically-sound, he’s unafraid to take high risks, and he feeds off an energetic audience. Perhaps most importantly, he is passionate about his craft and representing his Puerto Rican heritage within it.

Not surprisingly, that passion extends outside the physicality of the wrestling ring. A dynamic performer born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, LimeLight’s talent is also evident in his engaging promos, his stunt work, and his appearances in commercials and short films. The Marine Corps veteran is driven by his unwavering devotion to his daughter, and he is finding success in professional wrestling and the entertainment world at-large. We recently reached out to LimeLight to gain some insight into how he approaches his professional work and how he imagines some unique situations playing out.


Thanks so much for serving our country in the United States Marine Corps. How has your time in the Marines shaped your acting and pro wrestling ventures?

DL: While I’d like to say The Marine Corps was a stepping stool for me it was actually a mountain. I overcame everything thrown my way and the training and opportunities I received set me up for success. The ability to adapt to any situation truly made wrestling and acting/stunts possible because I had the discipline to adapt and learn fast.

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Whether it’s stepping into the ring, preparing to deliver a promo, or stepping onto a film set, do you have any specific rituals you go through to prepare? Do you get nervous at all?

DL: Well I like to scroll through social media to keep my mind off things. Then moments before I close my eyes, release all stress and just enter a complete state of relaxation. I do have one ritual I do before wrestling though. I made my debut in Oct 2014 and my daughter was 6 months. She was still using pacifiers. Somehow her pacifier ended up in my gear bag. It’s been there ever since that same pacifier I always clinch it before my music hits and say a prayer.

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If you could customize your dream entrance at WrestleMania or another major pro wrestling show, what would you have happen in that entrance?

DL: This is a fun question I’ve never been asked and never really thought about. It depends on the gimmick for sure. If I was running with the Spidey Limelight gimmick I used to run with it would definitely involve some sick swing to the ring in my fav costume gear. If it’s with my current gimmick I’d like to come out with a bunch of Puerto Rican women holding the flags representing my culture and fireworks of course.

Danny Limelight 2019 Highlight Reel

Imagine that you land the starring role in a full-length movie that will be seen by millions. Who are 1 or 2 people you’d pick to be your co-stars and why? Also, what kind of movie would it be?

DL: It would definitely be action drama so that I can do my own stunts and have some dope fight scenes and wrecks. I’m currently writing a movie like that. 1 or 2 people… Hmmm well Denzel is my favorite actor so I would have to have him play the antagonist. And of course a beautiful co-starring lady as my love interest. It would have to be either Ana De Armas (Knives Out) or Alexandra Daddario.


 Let’s say someone comes across your work for the first time, whether it’s one of your matches, promos, or film clips. What do you hope that person learns about you? What do you hope they get from your performance?

DL: Well first off to be an actor or a wrestler you have to have strong work ethic and passion. That’s automatic. I would just hope they would realize how genuine I actually am and how selfless I am. I’d do anything to entertain and communicate everything I’m feeling when given opportunities to wrestle and act or do stunts and I think that’s what separates me.

(Photo credit: Justin Cotterell- @Justin_Cotterell_esi)

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