Humberto Carrillo def. Gentleman Jack Gallagher, Mark Andrews and James Drake in a Fatal 4-Way Match

WWE 205 Live from London, England kicked off with a Fatal 4-Way Match pitting the Cruiserweight division’s Humberto Carrillo and Gentleman Jack Gallagher against NXT UK’s Mark Andrews and James Drake. As the match got underway and James Drake avoided the action, Carrillo and Gallagher appeared to be on the same page, first teaming up against Andrews before chasing Drake. However, the alliance was short-lived as the rules of the match took precedence and left Carrillo and Drake battling inside the squared circle.

Mark Andrews wowed the WWE Universe when he launched himself off the steel steps and back into the action. After taking out Carrillo, Andrew engaged in a scuffle with Drake that left them both reeling. Seizing the opportunity to strike, Gallagher unveiled his old umbrella William and dove to the outside, taking down his three opponents.

Taking the battle back into the ring, Gallagher displayed his endurance by holding Andrews in a suplex and dropping him to a huge ovation from the WWE Universe. A furious flurry of action included an incredible sequence of a reverse-rana from Andrews to Drake, a diving headbutt from Gallagher and a breathtaking move from Carrillo that nearly gave the Mexican Superstar a victory over Drake.

Amidst chants of “This is awesome!” and with Drake out of action, Andrews, Gallagher and Carrillo exchanged blows in the center of the ring. As Andrews stunned the WWE 205 Live mainstays with a double kick, Gallagher quickly reciprocated with a headbutt. As Andrews fell to the outside and Gallagher was stunned, Carrillo rolled up the British Superstar to score the pinfall.

Visibly disappointed, Gallagher still shook Carrillo’s hand, showing respect to his fellow Cruiserweight.
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