How would the RAW Roster fare in RAW Underground?

August 11, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, readers of all ages, today I am bringing you my first instalment of a three part series where I take a look at the WWE Roster and put my personal rating on the talent there based on how well I think they would fare in the world of Shane McMahon’s RAW Underground. This instalment deals with the male RAW Roster and will be followed up by the male Smackdown Roster and finally of course, the Women of the WWE. RAW Underground has taken the internet wrestling world by storm and definitely put a whole new spin on the three hours of wrestling television we are used to every Monday night. Let’s see how things might work out if some of WWE’s biggest wrestling superstars were to get down to business in the underground fight club styled, RAW Underground.


Underground Rating: A

Akam is a multi-time Canadian National Freestyle Wrestling Heavyweight division champion and a Candian Summer Games Gold Medal winner in the 115kg category. He’s as legit as it comes. At 6ft 3 and almost 300lbs with all that technical skill behind him? He’s a guaranteed beast if he were to ever show up in the Underground. The dude was a 2016 Olympics favourite before he signed with WWE in 2014, come on now!

Akira Tozawa

Underground Rating: C

While a great pro-wrestler and clearly very athletic there’s no indication as to how legit Akira is when it comes to actual fighting. He’s very entertaining and I’m sure if he were to arrive in the Underground he’d be able to make it look like he was as credible as anyone but based purely on background alone? Akira Tozawa just isn’t making top grades.

Aleister Black

Underground Rating: A-

Aleister Black clearly comes from a martial arts background, having trained in kickboxing at a young age he transferred that striking prowess to his repertoire as a Professional Wrestler. We’re used to him successfully getting the job done in sanctioned matches, where losses for him are a rarity, with the Black Mass kick and there’s no doubt he could do exactly the same in the no rules setting of RAW Underground. While he’s skilled his training is in the distant past and that’s the only thing that stops him from being a solid A Grade player.


Underground Rating: B

Much like Tozawa there are no indicators of Andrade having a legit fight background in any respect however the reason Andrade picks up a higher rating than the Japanese star is his Pro Wrestling background. Andrade is a third generation wrestling star and has Pro Wrestling in his blood. His speed, technical ability and athleticism is well documented and has earned him renown over three continents. There’s no denying that Andrade could go into the Underground and with nothing more than sheer God given talent and kayfabe make it look as if he were a fighter to contend with.

Angel Garza

Underground Rating: B-

Speaking of third generation wrestling stars Angel Garza comes in just below Andrade when it comes to Underground Ratings. While not having the world experience that Andrade does and a little less of an intimidation factor due to his pretty boy looks this certainly detracts from how well he could pull off playing the role of a legit badass in the Underground. Angel is a phenomenal Pro-Wrestler and has a skillset that many would die for but that just doesn’t give him the edge in this domain.

Angelo Dawkins

Underground Rating: B-

Angelo Dawkins might not look like much but coming from a tri-athlete collegiate background which included Football, Track and Wrestling there’s no denying he’s got some real world skills. Still, it’s unclear whether he could apply these to the degree needed to make himself a player in RAW Underground. As of right now he’s more known for his on-screen antics with tag partner Montez Ford as one half of the Street Profits where many fans see him as secondary to his teammate and a bit of a jokester. If he could show a more serious side perhaps he’d give the Underground a run for its money.

Apollo Crews

Underground Rating: B+

Another multi-sport athlete including amateur wrestling Apollo Crews was lauded as stronger than any single nation at his Military Highschool. A beast of an athlete and built like a tank Apollo wields an incredible combination of strength and speed that many could only wish to rival. One of the main detractions about him by fans was that he lacked personality however in a setting like RAW Underground personality comes second to the ability to unleash punishment on your opponent. With an attitude shift, refocusing on dishing out beatings, there’s little doubt Apollo Crews is one man you wouldn’t want to find yourself across the ring from in a No Rules fight situation.

Austin Theory

Underground Rating: D

Dude’s a bodybuilder and Pro Wrestler. Sure he can impress in the Pro Wrestling ring but outside of that any chops are scarce to find. Maybe he could fake it until he makes it like others but I just don’t see it. Austin Theory is best left above ground and away from Shane McMahon’s brutality.

Big Show

Underground Rating: A

Big Show gets an Underground Rating of A based on sheer size and strength alone. He’s a monster that most men would have trouble trifling with in any setting. RAW Underground is still at its heart kayfabe and in any form of kayfabe Big Show is a ready made killer. How do you present a 7ft, 400lb giant any other way? Also apparently in his early days he was a Bounty Hunter, yeah…think about him coming after you for real ish. Terrifying, isn’t it?

Bobby Lashley

Underground Rating: A+

How do you even begin to talk about someone as accomplished in the fight game as Bobby Lashley? NAIA National Wrestling champion three years running between ‘96 and ‘98, Army Vet who while enrolled won Gold and Silver Medals in the International Military Sports Council senior freestyle wrestling event. That’s before you even scratch the surface of his MMA career where he’s currently 15-2. Bobby is as real as it gets and in the modern era one of the most accomplished fighters to ever grace Pro-Wrestling, when it comes to RAW Underground and Bobby Lashley? You may as well say there’s no place like home. The dude lives and breathes kicking ass and taking names.

Brock Lesnar

Underground Rating: S

It’s Brock Lesnar. The guy’s death on legs. S Rank. None better in WWE, kayfabe or out of it. The Shao Kahn of the Underground. If I need to say any more I shouldn’t.

Cedric Alexander

Underground Rating: C

Another seemingly pure Pro Wrestling guy, Cedric is very entertaining and skilled at what he does but with a look that doesn’t exactly scream world beating badass and little to know details of any background that would put him in the light of a legit dangerous man I can’t rate him any higher. Brilliant Pro Wrestler though.

Dolph Ziggler

Underground Rating: A

As a collegiate wrestler there were perhaps none better than Dolph Ziggler in his time. Starting early he set the record for most pins in a career at 82 for his High School before moving on to Kent State University where he still stands second in all time career victories with 121 wins, he was first until 2006. He was a three-time All-Mid-American Conference champion and remains the last wrestler from Kent State to win three amateur wrestling championships. Those are some freaking accolades. While I might be absolutely sick of Dolph Ziggler as a character there’s no denying how good he is as a wrestler, seeing him already tackle the Underground and look amazing doing so has certainly piqued my interest in him making it his home. Give me more of THIS Dolph.

Dominik Mysterio

Underground Rating: F

Nope. We’re not doing this. Poor wee soul.

Drew McIntyre

Underground Rating: B+

Drew is clearly a hard dude. He’s strong willed and strong bodied, his drive has taken him from the Scottish Independents to the WWE, to the scrapheap and then back to the WWE before claiming his crown as the champion of company. The man idolized Bret Hart growing up and now he holds the same championship his hero did. That takes pure determination. However, while we know he’s a big strong lad doing big strong things his background in combat sports in non-existant. Dude takes a B+ because he clearly could pull off the aura of a killer in the Underground and he holds dominant kayfabe wins over S ranked Lesnar but as far as anything to really back it up? That’s a no.


Underground Rating: C+

We’ve already seen Erik compete in the Underground and he pulled it off perfectly. He’s one bad mother flipper. Though outside of his rough appearance and Pro Wrestling skills he’s maybe more bar tough than actual tough. Still that can always get you somewhere especially in the world of no rules fighting. With that being said he’s getting a C+ for complete lack of actual background but having enough kayfabe edge to make it work.

Humberto Carrillo

Underground Rating: D-

He’s young, he’s inexperienced and he has no athletic background to be spoken of outside of Pro Wrestling. His baby face and complete lack of edge doesn’t even signal to me that he could pull off a great RAW Underground performance on pure kayfabe alone. Again a great Professional Wrestler inside the ropes but with such a lack of any substance I have to rate him as a D-.


Underground Rating: C

Coming in just below his Viking Raiders partner Erik, Ivar picks up a C in the ratings. The dude is big, athletic, strong and intimidating. While he has no real experience outside of Pro Wrestling to speak of, if his partner’s performance in the Underground is anything to go by then Ivar would also take to it like a duck to water. He’s got a great combination of size and speed and his look is that of a man who will hurt you. No doubt he could pull off plenty of kayfabe maulings when it comes to Raw Underground.

Jinder Mahal

Underground Rating: C

Jinder Mahal looks like a stud and is a fantastic Pro Wrestler, he works his style perfectly and comes across as a powerful and dastardly villain. He might not be the most flashy performer but the way he exudes his character and plays his role to a tee is something not many can do in the modern era. The man carries himself like a star. While this makes a great Pro Wrestler it doesn’t necessarily translate to the Underground. With no real legitimate background to speak of you might think he’d be a dud here but he’s big, strong and can play a real nasty piece of work. As well as being a former WWE Champion Jinder looks as if he can handle himself so if kayfabe were turned up enough Mahal could likely adapt to the role of No Rules fighter pretty well all things considered. 

Kevin Owens

Underground Rating: B

In kayfabe Kevin Owens is a prizefighter who does whatever it takes in the ring to win, he’s taking the purse at all costs because that’s what he needs to do to feed his family. We all know that in fiction these characters tend to be some of the most dangerous as they feel as though beating their opponent to a pulp is necessary to put food on their families table. While Kevin Owens has no real combat background he is an extremely accomplished Pro Wrestler, world class in the ring and a master at putting his character across to the crowd. If he wanted you to believe he was the king of RAW Underground then you would.

Montez Ford

Underground Rating: B-

A highschool track athlete and Marine Corp veteran Montez Ford certainly has an air of legit about him, accompany that with his jaw dropping performances inside the wrestling ring and you’ve already got a good mix when it comes to potential in the Underground. Still when thinking about Ford and his Street Profits partner Angelo Dawkins it’s hard to get past the mouth and to the action sometimes. The dude is full of personality and is always having fun but as a relative newcomer to the Pro Wrestling game and with not much of a legitimate background it’s hard to rate Montez Ford any higher than his fellow tag team partner Dawkins. B-.


Underground Rating: B-

He’s rugged, he’s Australian, he wrestles like a killer and he looks like one too. Buddy Murphy might not have much of a reported background in combat sports or athletics but he sure as heck carries himself like he does. With plenty of strikes and hard hitting combinations in his repertoire and the way he pulls off his move set with sheer believability there’s no doubt that if he showed up on RAW Underground they’d easily get away with presenting him as a thoroughbred asskicker. Maybe he’s a born and bred hard nut? Who knows but with kayfabe on his side I can’t see him being a guy many people want to mess with. 

Mustafa Ali

Underground Rating: B-

Ali is super athletic and also a trained police officer. While he’s not reported to be a combat athlete there’s no doubt that his former profession led to him having to be strong willed and tough. He’s not the biggest guy and he perhaps comes across a little soft at times based purely on appearance but that doesn’t mean much compared to the skills he possesses as a Pro Wrestler. Given the right angle I’m sure Ali could put in a great performance in the Underground even if I am worried that he may be a little too much style and not enough substance.


Underground Rating: A

Former Gang Banger. Inmate on Kidnapping and Robbery charges for which he served 9 years. Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Gold Medal Winner at the Houston Open in the Masters 3 Ultra Heavyweight Division. That’s just the start. MVP is street tough and combat trained tough and the dude carries it like an absolute superstar. He’s got the looks, the presence and the skills to carry off any role he wants in the Underground. We’ve already got a little taste of what he and fellow Hurt Business members Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin can do down there and it was devastating. No kayfabe is needed when it comes to MVP, he’s one bad man and he’s got all the tools needed to back it up. 

Randy Orton

Underground Rating: A-

Sadistic. Sick. Psychotic. All of these words are perfectly used in describing the man known as The Viper, Randy Orton. A third generation Pro Wrestler and multi-time World Champion Orton comes from an amateur wrestling and military background but that’s not the only thing that makes him the perfect fit for RAW Underground. What makes him a perfect fit for RAW Underground is just how utterly disgusting he is in his attempts to break down and destroy any opponent he comes up against. Very few professional wrestlers have stooped to the depths that Orton has on his path towards glory. He might not be seen as the most exciting wrestler in the ring but excitement means nothing when it comes to dishing out pain and dishing out pain is something that Randy Orton relishes in. He loves it, he carries it and because of that he is so believable. Nobody is more despicable than Randy Orton and in the No Rules atmosphere of RAW Underground? That just gives him free reign to get even sicker.

Rey Mysterio

Underground Rating: B+

Rey Mysterio is a Mexican Wrestling icon and there’s very few who are as accomplished in Pro Wrestling than he is. Still despite that he’s not known for his real life badassery. Regardless it takes a lot to achieve the successes that he has in the business and the fact that he’s a former WWE World Champion counts for something. While he’s not the first guy I’d like to see compete in the Underground or the first I’d think of as a candidate I’m more than sure that given the kayfabe nature of the fights Rey could still look like a million bucks there.


Underground Rating: A

At 6ft 4 and 330lbs, Rezar is not only a monster of a man in stature but also a man of incredible skill in combat sports. Trained in Judo and Kickboxing from a young age he became Professional Kickboxing World Champion before moving into the world of MMA and achieving a record of 6 wins and 2 losses during his time in the sport. Rezar is a killer. There’s nothing he doesn’t have that would lead you to great success in RAW Underground, from the look right down to the ability to pick an opponent apart limb from limb he has it all. Given the chance he could put on some absolute spectacles in Shane McMahon’s No Rules fight club.


Underground Rating: C

Another pure Pro Wrestling guy who doesn’t have much of an athletic background to speak of. He’s extremely talented at what he does and has everything it takes to be a top Pro Wrestler but his look doesn’t lend itself much to a real badass fighter. With not much else to back him up he just doesn’t cut the Underground mustard in this one. 

Riddick Moss

Underground Rating: C+

Riddick Moss has already shown he’s got the skills to kick some ass in the Underground, there’s no doubt that when presented as a legit tough guy he can play that role to a tee. While he only had a football background at University, a nice sprinkle of kayfabe combined with his look and size made him easily believable as someone who could hang in the world of RAW Underground. There’s no way of knowing just how naturally tough he is but with his performance there so far it’s hard to not rate him a little higher than the guys who just don’t fit the part.

Robert Roode

Underground Rating: C

Roode is a Wrestler’s Wrestler and looks like a real rugged chap but in the grand scheme of things outside of his skills as a Professional Wrestler he doesn’t have much more than that. Still, he’s an experienced veteran who has worked extremely hard and accomplished a heck of a lot in getting where he is in the Wrestling world. That takes grit, determination and a certain level of toughness. Roode looks like a man and I think carries a level of toughness that with the right use of kayfabe could make him a valued member of the Underground. Is he top tier? No but I think he could have his place there.


Underground Rating: B-

Athletically gifted and street tough, Ron Killings has certainly lived a life that would see him welcomed in the Underground. While he might not be a skilled technician or martial artist he’s definitely got the swagger and a mean streak that could be of use in the arena of No Rules fighting. Of course Truth is so far ingrained in the comedy aspect of Wrestling at the minute it seems hard to imagine him overcoming that but we’ve seen him switch it up before and everything he does, he does well. Given a new found focus on RAW Underground I’m sure that Ron “The Truth” Killings could fit there like a glove.

Samoa Joe

Underground Rating: A-

With a background in Football and Judo alongside one of the most dangerous auras in Pro Wrestling, Samoa Joe is a no brainer as a potential competitor in RAW Underground. There is a reason crowds enmasse chant “Joe is gonna KILL you!” when the Samoan Submission Machine is competing in the ring and that nickname? It’s no accident either. An unbelievably accomplished Pro Wrestling superstar who walks, talks and performs as an absolute death machine Samoa Joe would not be hard to book as a main player in the Underground at all. He’s believable and talented, what more could you ask for than that?

Seth Rollins

Underground Rating: B+

For as good as he is from a Pro Wrestling standpoint, and right now he’s really hitting his stride as a world class heel, in the long run he really is just another Pro Wrestler. Adding into that his great athletic ability in Crossfit and his kayfabe accolades, even overcoming Brock Lesnar on multiple occasions I have to give him a slight edge over a lot of others in this list. His rating might seem a little low but when it comes being a real badass, kayfabe or otherwise, Rollins just isn’t hitting the top level. With that said if he was introduced to RAW Underground I’m sure with plenty of kayfabe he’d end up looking capable enough.

Shelton Benjamin

Underground Rating: A

Shelton Benjamin is an absolute wrestling machine, from his sophomore year in High School where he attained a record of 122-10 and became Heavyweight Champion, through his whole Academic career he was nothing less than a world class amateur wrestler. While his accomplishments in the Pro Wrestling world haven’t been as great, that takes nothing away from how talented or skilled he is in the squared circle either. Benjamin is a certified legit badass and as already shown nothing about that changes in the setting of RAW Underground.

Titus O’Neil

Underground Rating: C-

Titus is a big strong football dude and surely is a tough guy but when it comes to the world of WWE and his perception he’s seen as a bit of a clumsy joke. There’s no denying that given the right presentation he could put on a great showing in the Underground but part of me believes he’ll never quite overcome the stigma of goof and people would be waiting for his next mess up moment. He’s not the most graceful in the wrestling ring but maybe that doesn’t mean much while throwing bones in a No Rules fight scenario. Either way I think Titus has given all he can and while he might put in a decent performance in the Underground I don’t think he’d take to it as well as many others.

There we have it folks, that’s my ratings of the male RAW Roster when put into the context of how well they’d do in RAW Underground, who I think would be the biggest badasses and who would be left floundering towards the bottom of the deck. Join me next time where I’ll be taking a look at the SmackDown Roster and how they would fare in the setting. Thank you all for spending your time with me here on BodySlam.Net, make sure to follow me over on Twitter @ChatChatterson and let me know what you think of these ratings. Do you agree or is there something I’ve not considered? Hit me up over there and let’s talk about it!

God bless.

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