After multiple attacks from Gallus brought them together, the monstrous combination of “Bomber” Dave Mastiff, Primate & Wild Boar roared back in head-to-head competition with Wolfgang & The Coffey Brothers in NXT UK’s main event.

The contest began with all six competitors slugging it out in the middle of the ring and set the stage for a brutal Six-Man showdown.

Gallus managed to cut off The Hunt, especially Wild Boar, in the early moments of the contest,from the dangerous Mastiff. But, when the animalistic competitor managed to tag in the massive tour-de-force, the “Bomber” laid waste to all three members of his opposition.

Joe Coffey momentarily changed that with an earth-shattering powerslam on his colossal adversary as Gallus cleared the ring of The Hunt.

But Mastiff would not be denied, and he soon got both Coffey Brothers in the corner for the Cannonball. Joe managed to escape to the outside, leaving Mark to catch the full blunt of the devastating maneuver. But The Hunt didn’t let him of the hook as, moments later, both Wild Boar and Primate leapt through the ropes and took out Joe and Wolfgang.

When the animalistic team climbed the ropes to hit the double headbutt, however, Wolfgang managed to regroup and knock Wild Boar of his perch and onto Mastiff. Although Primate hit the successful headbutt of Joe, he was not the legal man. And after Wolfgang threw him out of the ring, Joe recovered to hit All the Best for the Bells on Wild Boar for the victory. 
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