Former WWE Writer And CM Punk Take Shot At WWE’s Job Opening

November 21, 2020

WWE recently posted up a job listing for a new lead writer, and the posting caught the attention of an old WWE writer and CM Punk.

It wasn’t in a way Vince McMahon would find funny.

Brian Gewirtz, a former WWE writer from 1999-2015 and known for being one of the closest working writers during The Rock’s tenure in the company, joked that he was “happy to get started” but then took a moment to take a shot at the logic of Survivor Series at the moment.

“Happy to get started! I assume we all realize the folly of fighting for brand supremacy one month after a draft when brand loyalty/identity cannot be properly established and with no meaningful stakes, the matches can feel forced and meaningless… I’m fired aren’t I?”

CM Punk quickly replied to the tweet, offering his services in helping KD an Emmy. KD no doubt means Kevin Dunn, a long time WWE producer.

We should probably be realistic neither of them are returning to the company, but at least their humor’s on Twitter and doesn’t have to get final approval of Vince McMahon.

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