Former WWE Wrestler Rick Bognar Passes Away at age 49

September 29, 2019

According to multiple reports, former ECW, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and WWE performer Rick Bognar has tragically lost his life at the young age of 49. Details of his passing have not been reveal as of the time of this writing. As per THE SUN, Rick’s brother Ken revealed the sad news on Facebook.

Rick Bognar was a big, strong, young talent. He wasn’t what we in the wrestling business/journalism call “super over”, but there was some talent there, as was evident in his runs with established wrestling powerhouse in the 90’s ECW, New Japan Pro Wrestling until a neck injury forced him into retirement, and of course in WWE in 1996-97.

Bognar is most remembered for entering the WWE (World Wrestling Federation at the time) as the replacement for Scott Hall as the Razor Ramon character when Hall left for World Championship Wrestling in 1996. The character, along with Jim Ross as an heel commentator and ‘fake Razor’ advocate would not last long, as Bognar would leave the company upon contract expiration in early 1997.

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