Forgotten Sons welcomed Tyler Breeze to the “new NXT”

The Forgotten Sons crashed Cathy Kelley’s backstage interview with Tyler Breeze just as Prince Pretty was commenting that he might have to adapt to the new NXT, where everyone seems to have “someone watching their back.”

The Savages of NXT denounced Breeze as a blast from the past who doesn’t fit into the current landscape of the black-and-gold brand, “where actual men are.” The irreverent Breeze pointed to his beard as evidence of his manliness and jokingly asked if Jaxson Ryker once went by the name Buddy Murphy, infuriating The Forgotten Sons’ heavy hitter and prompting Wesley Blake to warn Breeze that Ryker is a savage the likes of which Prince Pretty has never seen. Unimpressed, Breeze took his leave, but not before correcting the Forgotten Sons: “Guess what, boys. I’ve seen everything.”
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