Fallout from Philly: Tommy Dreamer Talks Thursday

July 3, 2018

Last week Eddie Edwards went to Philadelphia and attacked Tommy Dreamer with a Kendo Stick. Eddie assaulted the Hardcore Icon in his home arena, THE Arena in Philadelphia. The Arena made famous years ago when a renegade company called Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) took the wrestling world by storm and changed how the entire business operates to this day. ECW and the business model by which they did things still plays heavily into how things run in 2018.

Inside that arena, Tommy Dreamer has bled, sweat, shed tears and tried everything in his power to make wrestling better. To make things better for not just himself, ECW back in the day, House of Hardcore (HOH) today, but the wrestlers themselves. Tommy is one of the good guys. He always has and always will be “one of the boys.”

However, Tommy can’t keep sitting by and watching Eddie lose his mind and go down this downward spiral. Tommy tried to help, Tommy tried to call Eddie and call Alisha Edwards and help this situation. That also backfired and Eddie accused Tommy of being romantically linked to his wife.

At this point, this whole situation is just messy. Some say Tommy should mind his business, some say he is trying to help and Eddie Edwards needs help. What will happen now? What will Tommy have to say on Thursday? We wait and hope this situation figures itself out quickly.

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