Indy Spotlight: Q & A with Jason Heat

Jason Heat is a name that many of you may know. He is the Founder & Producing Artistic Director at Flying V Theatre, Commentator for ChikaraPro Wrestling and PrimeTime Pro Wrestling, and he is the promoter for one of the fastest growing wrestling companies, Flying V Fights: Pro Wrestling, which is the only company to mix wrestling and theatre. He is a man of many talents and is well known within the independent wrestling scene. Recently we sent Jason some questions about what hobby he has recently picked up, his commentating style and preparation, what has Flying V Theatre/Flying V Fights: Pro Wrestling been up to and plans for the future, and some of his favorite moments.

Quarantine Q&A with Effy!

Effy is a name that has generated throughout the independent wrestling scene, whether it be for his matches, or being an openly queer and over-the-top wrestler. Once you’ve witnessed his look, his style, his vibe, his wrestling and that wonderful sense of humor, he’s sure to become an instant favorite. (And let’s not forget about […]

This Week In Wrestling

We’re back with our second installment of “This Week In Wrestling.” We’re recapping the top five news headlines & videos from this past week in pro wrestling. #1- Cody’s Homecoming Cody returned to his hometown of Atlanta, GA and delivered a moonsault from the top of the cage on Wardlow, guaranteeing a match against MJF […]

6 Fictional Video Game Wrestlers You Wished Were Real

Fictional game wrestlers are an interesting lot. The earliest wrestling games didn’t feature licensed wrestlers, leaving game developers to come up with some bizarre characters with over-the-top wrestler tropes (although real-life wrestlers can be pretty over-the-top as well). One thing you might notice on this list is that there are several Mexican luchador inspired characters, […]