Drew McIntyre def. The Miz

May 21, 2019
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The Miz isn’t quite ready to put Shane McMahon in his rearview, but Drew McIntyre seems to be making that decision for him: The Scottish Psychopath is already paying dividends for “The Best in the World,” who forced The A-Lister to face his towering enforcer when he made it known he wanted to square up with Shane once again. Unfortunately, the mountain proved to be too steep a climb for even this gritty version of the former WWE Champion.

Of course, McIntyre didn’t exactly steamroll through Miz, whose matches with Shane have brought out an inner brawler that shows no signs of fading away anytime soon. The Awesome One even got McIntyre down to his back by chopping out his knees, setting up a Figure-Four Leglock and forcing Shane to run interference. But there was no doubt who Miz was really out there for, and The A-Lister’s attempt to chase down Shane gave McIntyre time to recover from a Figure-Four and occupy the ref’s attention. Shane took advantage, ambushing Miz from behind to set him up for a match-ending Claymore.

Adding insult to injury, Shane offered one last “parting gift” before he finally moved on from Miz, ordering McIntyre to set The Awesome One up in the corner for a Coast-to-Coast. Before Shane could take flight, however, Roman Reigns darted to the ring and fought them both off. For Miz, the moment was bittersweet at best. For all his fire, Miz finds himself at a loss. Redemption evades his grasp, and Shane threatens to fade farther into the distance.
Article source: WWE.com

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