It is always exciting when new talent comes into the WWE. It is especially exciting when it is someone from the independent circuit who has been making a name for himself for almost fifteen years now. At the beginning of this week DJZ arrived at WWE’s performance center. Michael Paris, though most know him as DJZ, started training this week at WWE’s facilities in Orlando, Florida.

DJZ is known for making moves like the 450 Splash and the 360 Splash look effortless when he puts his competition away using them. He has wrestled not just in the United States but international as well in places such as Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Japan. He is no stranger to championships either! Before joining WWE, DJZ has held the International Wrestling Cartel’s Super Indy Championship. This is a title that, in the past, has been held by people such as Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Corey Graves, and more. He has also held both the AIW Intense Championship several times, with his first win being against Ricochet, and the Absolute Championship. Having seen DJZ wrestle recently at AIW’s Gauntlet for the Gold, I am very excited to see what he will bring to the WWE brand.

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