As we saw last night on RAW, WWE apparently made the decision to turn Dean Ambrose babyface out of the blue, despite him being one of the top heels on RAW. It was reported earlier today that the reason behind the decision to turn Ambrose face was because the fans were cheering him no matter what, even after the company announced his plan to leave in April.

The segment on last night’s RAW which saw Dean Ambrose wish Seth Rollins good luck in his WrestleMania match against Brock Lesnar seemingly turning him babyface again, did not receive a lot of praise online from fans, as many have been critical of how it came off.

The segment was discussed on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, and apparently Ambrose wishing Rollins good luck wasn’t the original plan WWE had for the segment at all.

Dave Meltzer reported that WWE actually had something very different written and planned for Dean Ambrose to say during the segment with Rollins on RAW, but apparently he didn’t like it.

Regarding Ambrose’s babyface turn segment last night on RAW, Meltzer said:

“That turn was ridiculous. I don’t even know, well I do know they had something scripted and Dean wasn’t feeling it and Dean did what he did and my god was it bad.”

So it seems that the reason the segment came off the way it did was because Ambrose didn’t like what was originally planned for him, so he wished Rollins good luck against Lesnar in his Universal Title match at WrestleMania 35 instead.

You can see WWE’s tweet highlighting the Ambrose face turn segment with Rollins from RAW below.

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