David Finlay was recently on Total Engagement with Matt Koon to discuss a myriad of topics. The hottest of topics is David’s most recent shoulder injury.

Matt Koon: How is the shoulder doing?

David Finlay: The shoulder is not doing good. I’m getting it repaired on the 27th. I’m just kind of stuck in limbo right now, but no complaints.

MK: It got dislocated in a match against the Briscoe’s and you had to pull out of the tournament. I guess Meltzer reported that it will be about six months before you are back in the ring, is that right?

DF: Uh, well I mean I haven’t been told that yet. (Laughs) So we will see.
Total Engagement With Matt Koon

It’s amazing that sometimes people can make stuff up by educated guessing. It’s great of Matt Koon to get David on the podcast and set the record straight. There will not be a timetable for Finlay’s return until after the surgery on March 27th.
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