Cody Rhodes and the rest of AEW are working their hardest in order to improve their product. While the promotion has received a lot of praise, it has also received its fair share of criticism, particularly about the women’s division.

During a recent teleconference, Cody Rhodes talked about AEW’s women’s roster. He addressed the criticism the roster received and went on to praise some of the talents. It will take time to fully flesh out the roster. Here is what he said:

“The women’s division is growing. I actually would say when you hear the criticisms—you hear the good things about your show, things people don’t like and you’ve got to keep your ears open. You can’t be close-minded to it. One thing that is going to take time is the women’s division in particular. It’s a merit-based show. It’s a merit-based wrestling show and the best wrestlers are going to wrestle on that show. I think we have some of the best wrestlers and some of the best women’s wrestlers. I’d really like to see Big Swole emerge.”

“Britt Baker is on absolute fire. Nyla Rose becoming the second AEW Women’s World Champion, an amazing moment and maybe the best match on the best show we’ve done all year. That speaks to the talent level of Nyla and Riho and that international involvement that will always be there as far as bringing in the Joshi talent.”

“I think it’s something that—be patient with AEW because we’re actively doing everything we can to grow the division, to cultivate the division and make it a very, very strong women’s division. It’s a special thing right now in wrestling in how popular women’s wrestling has become.”

“I think some people, certain people are out to get ‘woke points’ with women’s wrestling when in actuality women’s wrestling does incredibly well in the minute-by-minute, with merch and ticket sales, so we genuinely want to make this a big part of our brand. Hopefully, more of that in 2020 and into 2021 as we go forward.”

AEW is still a new company and they have time to make it a much better product for the fans. We will have to see how the company improves in the next couple of years.

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h/t to Wrestle Zone for the transcription.

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