Cain Velasquez brawled with Shelton Benjamin following a confrontation with Rey Mysterio

October 22, 2019

Clearly, the Brock Lesnar-Cain Velasquez WWE Title Match at WWE Crown Jewel has turned into something of a family affair. And as of right now, Rey Mysterio’s clan holds the advantage. Despite some via-satellite trash talk from Paul Heyman and an appearance from a disgruntled Shelton Benjamin — a friend and former collegiate teammate of Lesnar’s looking to bully his way into a title opportunity — it was Cain Velasquez, godfather to Mysterio’s son, who had the last word of the evening when he hit the ring and manhandled Benjamin across the ring.

Despite The Gold Standard’s bold attempt to double-leg Velasquez, “El Padrino” didn’t move an inch and forced Benjamin to cry uncle after only seconds in a sleeper hold. Of course, Benjamin isn’t The Beast. But he is, in some ways, the closest thing to him. And as long as Lesnar has been salivating at the idea of payback against the man who took his UFC title, it’s looking like Velasquez might be just as ready as the champion is … if not more so.
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