Broken Bloodlines

September 15, 2020

Roman Reigns is currently on fire, both as a competitor and as a character. His development has been fascinating to see since his return at SummerSlam. Aligning himself with Paul Heyman was an absolute stroke of genius, but so is bringing Jey Uso into the mix.

At Clash of Champions, it will be Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso for the Universal Championship. This match has the potential to be the best of the show, not just for the match itself, but for what it can lead to storyline wise. Paul Heyman started sowing the seeds of bloodline between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso this past week on SmackDown. Heyman used old photos of the two together to show deep their connection runs, but it also had an air of entitlement around it.

Heyman focused on Roman Reigns being the leader of the clan, and that Jay was beneath him. He also stated that Reigns had suggested himself to bring Jay into this match. This has the potential to show the true heel that Roman Reigns has become. The bloodline in the Samoan community is vitally important. Family means everything in the Samoan lifestyle, so to see these two fight will have a very interesting ending.

This should be the match that cements Roman Reigns as the true heel. I actually see the two having a clean match with Roman getting the win, of course, but it is after the match that I am interested in. I can see Roman Reigns destroying Jey Uso after the match is over, by putting him through a table or just disgracing him in the middle of the ring. I believe Roman will assert his dominance over Jey Uso, which will cause major issues going forward.

Could this bring back Rikishi for a SmackDown promo, or could it even bring The Rock back for one episode? I’m really interested in Roman Reign’s character and I believe this match will be one that will define his heel character going forward. This match could very well end the bloodline, for good.

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