Braun Strowman Attends Biketoberfest In The Middle Of A Pandemic

October 18, 2020

Recently some of the major wrestling companies and events in the world have come under fire for their pandemic protective measures. The Collective is one such event in which multiple stars, talent, staff and fans all have caught covid-19 due to the nature of the events.

Braun Strowman appears to be the latest talent who doesn’t understand the risks of close contact events. Every October there are events held across the world for Halloween, but also events such as Biketoberfest. Florida has recently lifted their status to stage 3, which means that all events can practically run at full capacity. Biketoberfest is an event in which bikers all meet up to show off their bikes, but also to socialise and drink.

Twitter account took a snap shot of Braun Strowman’s Instagram which shows the WWE star attending said event,

Whilst I understand that the rules are different in Florida in comparison to the rest of the country, it doesn’t make much sense for Braun Strowman to do this when all the stories of the collective has just come out.

WWE appears to have stringent testing in place, especially to ensure that talent in safe; but the recent NXT party that resulted in multiple talents being infected shows just how important safety is.

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