Big E Wishes That WWE Creative Had More Instant Feedback

December 3, 2019

Before the New Day had formed, Big E was on his own and was an athletic man but considered boring by WWE. According to Big E, WWE wanted him to start juggling and pec dancing after matches to make his personality better. Then the New Day happened shortly after.

Big E said on the New Day’s Podcast, New Day: Feel the Power , that Big Show had some harsh things to say to Xavier Woods and Big E like they were going to bring down Kofi Kingston.

“Big Show said some terrible things to us about how Kofi was wasting his time with us. It wasn’t a joke. The fact that you would meet so much resistance by trying to better yourself and improve your career is wild to me.”

Big E did reveal that Big Show did eventually apologize for his comments but Big E continued on stating that he wishes certain aspects of WWE Creative were different.

“In so many different facets, from talent to backstage people, a lot of it was behind our backs. One of the best things with our relationship [with former WWE writer Michael Notarile] is understanding the process. Because he was a writer and in the meetings, we got to better understand when to pitch [and] when to talk with Vince to get a better temperature of the room. That’s one of the things that I wish more talent had a better understanding of; how the creative process works. It’s such a massive body as far as the creative team is concerned, but there’s so many tiers. Entry level writers, senior writers, producers, and you don’t really know who to go to. Often times, you get so much feedback in the meetings that never actually gets to you. I didn’t find out that the office thought I was boring or that I needed something until it was too late in the eyes of the people that mattered. That’s one of the things that I always wish worked better in this machine, is that you have more instant feedback from creative. That you got an opportunity to talk to the decision makers and say, ‘Hey, this is where we see a deficit in your character, in your work, whatever’ and so we can all address that.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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