I don’t know what is up with Superstar Billy Graham, but he sure has a lot of hot takes on The New Day.

When Kofi Kingston won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Superstar commented that Kofi should do some steroids. After facing some backlash, it seemed like Billy Graham was going to stay quiet. That is until Big E set is return for 2021 or 2022.

Big E was on Busted Open Radio and said the following

I had a meniscus repair and I think I’ll be back by 2021. That’s my goal. If I give myself a year and a half, I think that sounds about right. You know, you don’t want to rush these things. Maybe even 2022, who knows? 
Big E on Busted Open Radio

Then Big E sent out this tweet of Billy Graham’s Facebook post about Big E’s statements.

Big E paid attention to Superstar saying he won’t miss Big E, but Xavier Woods caught something else, which fans gave the meme treatment.

It’s good to know that New Day knows how to deflect negativity and create fun for their fans.

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