Audio Recording Disputes Claims Jerry Lawler Made Saying He Was Unaware Of Scams

July 8, 2019

The saga of Glenn Moore/Jerry Lawler and fans being scammed through social media seems to add a new chapter daily. First news broke that Dinner With The King podcast host Glenn Moore was scamming fans by selling them artwork and memorabilia. The fans would PayPal the account through “friends and family” but then never receive the merchandise or a refund.

Then local Memphis news had a story on their television program featuring Jason Lurie. A fan who had paid $1500 to have a commissioned painting of his cat. The painting never came, neither did the refund. Jason got lawyers involved and their letters to Lawler went unanswered for quite some time. The letters were sent after Jason’s lawyers had a back and forth with Glenn Moore.

After our story and the news piece, more fans came forward. Now there are more than a dozen fans from around the world that have been scammed, so Jerry Lawler made a statement regarding the matter. Even being asked about it on another local news program.

After Jerry’s tweet telling fans to watch out for the scam, a pediatric cancer charity named Ali’s Rae of Hope commented that they too were scammed. Bodyslam reached out to the foundation and obtained screen shots of the conversations between the foundation and Glenn Moore, who was running the Dinner With The King Twitter account.

As the story was being talked about more, Jerry’s statements on not knowing the scam was going on was called into question. Jerry’s fiance Lauren was told about the scam in April, saying that some fans had already contacted her regarding the matter. The podcast with Lawler and Moore continued for more than a month before the two had a falling out over this issue.

Shortly after that story was posted. The Dinner With The King podcast had begun to be taken off podcast streaming platforms and some episodes were taken down from YouTube. One fan who wishes to remain anonymous had recorded a bit of Episode 77 of Dinner With The King. In that episode Jerry and Glenn discuss a painting of a cat that Jerry will be working on for the fan.


The painting being discussed is the painting Jason Lurie never received. The painting that was $1500 and was the topic of conversation on the first news piece done by WMC5 News. Jerry had gone on record saying

“I’m totally shocked by this behavior,” Lawler said during a phone interview with WMC Action News 5. “I mean, we did like 90 podcasts together over a period of years. This is a guy I thought was a friend and I trusted him. I’m certainly sorry this has happened.”
Lawler says Moore’s behavior changed after he lost his PR job in December. Moore, he says, promised to make amends, but has no money. Lawler wants his fans to know, he’ll fix this.
“We’re gonna work to try to make this thing right,” he said, “one way or another. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get people’s money back. If not, we’ll get them the artwork they tried to buy.”


Since all of this came to light, I spoke once again with Jason Lurie about his painting, if he received it or if he ever got his money back if he didn’t receive it. Jason had this to say-

I’ll fill in some minor gaps. I paid Glenn $500 to do two sketches. One was of my niece and one was of my cat. The niece had a deadline of 11/2018. The cat sketch didn’t. Each was $250. I was shocked at the quality of the sketch of the niece I told Glenn to tell Jerry to keep the extra $250 as a bonus and forget about the cat sketch. Then we discussed the oil painting. I wanted something in the $2000 range and 3×3. Glenn said the price would be $3500. I said for that price the size would need to be 5×5 and I would demand a deadline of Christmas Eve. The time now was just before Thanksgiving. Glenn said Jerry couldn’t commit to Christmas Eve deadline. He discounted price by $500 and gave a deadline of Jan 15th. I agreed. Deadline came and went. First excuse was Jerry traveled and was busy. Offered to do cat sketch for free. Still never received cat sketch. Then missed another deadline. Offered me a cohost spot on podcast. Never happened. Offered me another $500 discount on painting. Dozen of texts and emails later, I gave up and demanded refunded. Two times a refund was sent to PayPal but was returned for insufficient funds. Glenn begged me to not tell the king. I turned it over to my lawyers in April. They messed around with Glenn for a couple of months before going directly to Jerry. I’m into this for $1500 plus over $700 in legal fees. After media aired story Lawler still hasn’t reached out to me. Lawler is using my family photo on his website to promote his commissioned art sales as of today. I contacted him to demand him to remove it. I was told Glenn stole his password. I provided Lawler with his website host name, IT manager name, cell number, address. One call could have fixed this. But he refuses to for some odd reason. Now he has a copyright infringement lawsuit awaiting him and possibly a class action law suit.
Jason Lurie

Glenn Moore is a known liar, but him asking Jason to not tell Jerry adds credence to Lawler saying he had no idea that the scam was going on. Jerry knew about the painting and seemed to not be happy with the finished product, trusting Glenn to refund the money.

So what we know as of now, is that the painting was talked about on an episode of Dinner With The King, that has since been taken down from the internet. This episode took place in November, based on conversations with fans that were scammed, the scam started in November. By April Lawler and his fiance were made aware of the scam through messages on Facebook, but the podcast continued until May. The first time Jerry warned fans of the scam publicly was July 5th.

There have also been fans who have said that they never got items promised to them through the Dinner With The King Patreon. As of this writing their are still five subscribers to the Patreon account which is still active. One Patreon member heard back from Patreon so there is hope in that regard. Jerry has begun retweeting the news articles relating to the scam to let fans know artwork and memorabilia offerings are not legitimate.

There is an upcoming show named “Jerry & Jerry” that Glenn Moore was also scamming fans for.

Twitter user @JPROCKN has sent messages about the Jerry and Jerry show that he had with Glenn Moore, which also appears to be the last time Glenn talked to anyone outside of the Ali’s Rae of Hope pediatric cancer foundation.

@JPROCKN also shared some personal messages between himself and Glenn Moore.

Because of this series of tweets, Bodyslam reached out to a Twitter user to have a wellness check on Glenn Moore. As of this writing, Glenn Moore has not been found.

On a positive note, Jason Lurie has donated a signed Jerry Lawler t-shirt to Ali’s Rae of Hope and Jerry has been in contact with the foundation.

If you would like to help out Ali’s Rae of Hope you can send donations to

PO Box 2181 Mt. Juliet, TN 37121-2181 Twitter @RaeofHopeFnd are ways to contact the Ali’s Rae of Hope Foundation.

Thank you to Llama Drama for helping me out on this article. They are continuing investigating into Glenn Moore.

We here at Bodyslam will do our best to let everyone’s voice be heard, if you or someone you know has been scammed by Glenn Moore, there are a couple things you can do to fight back.

File reports/complaints with PayPal or credit cards to try to get that started. Save what info you have but the most important thing is to file a police report in their area. It will then be forwarded to his local PD. You can file a complaint with the FBI Cyber Crimes.

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