You’re not going to believe this…

In my spare time, I enjoy educating myself and becoming a well rounded Adventurer. You can’t say yes to everything without being prepared for anything. I have received many degrees as well, theology, physiology, psychology and a variety of other “ology’s”.

Today I will regale you with my tales of space travel! Yes, space travel. Hard to believe, I know.

It all started some years ago while I was en route to North Carolina via Christchurch, New Zealand. I decided to stop off to “wet my whistle” at a local speak easy where I met an older gentleman by the name of Reginald Val Valman. Reginald works for the Local Aeronautics and Space Administration or LASA, similar to NASA but without all the red tape, safety measures and other legal mumbo jumbo that takes Adventure away from so many. LASA is a private organization that specializes in the discovery of alien life forms and rare artifacts. A few things that are right up this Adventurers ally.

Reginald took a liking to me (as most people do) and he suggested I’d be perfect for his next expedition to an undiscovered planet. Naturally I agreed. I spent the next several minutes studying all I could about space travel. As I finished my last pint, I agreed to meet Reginald first thing in the next morning and prepare for take off.

I was not nervous. An adventurer never gets nervous. I’m often asked if things scare me or if I’m ever overcome with fear, to which I exclaim “Sorry, I left my fear pills in my other pants”.

The launch was a success, we managed to land on a new planet that I ended up naming ‘Aventura’ (it is yet to be accredited). We came across a race of extra terrestrial life not unlike humans but lacking mouths, eyes, ears, limbs and intellect. This new race adopted me as their leader. The men wanted to be me and the women wanted to be with me. Nothing new to this adventurer, I was blessed with a chiseled jaw and pearly white teeth, attractive no matter what race, gender or species.

As an adventurer who can’t say No, I naturally obliged the women of Aventura as frequently as possible, the men did not take too kindly to this scenario and planned an attack on your favourite adventurer. Luckily for me, Reginald made me savvy to their plans and we made plans of our own to leave Aventura in the dust. The men of Aventura cut us off at the shuttle entrance. I offered Reginald as a peace offering in return for my safety. The Aliens agreed, Reginald did not. As I headed home on the shuttle I decided to prepare a story for Reginald’s family of his valiant sacrifice. I’ll never forget how he told me “-you’ll live to regret this, Stone Rockwell” indeed I would be the one living. Thank you, Reginald. I briefly thought of changing the name of Aventura to something that might honor Reginald. I just really like the name Aventura!

IMG_4260 An Adventure in Space? Stone Rockwell Space Adventure

Stone Rockwell discovering new planets on one of latest adventures.

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