Allstar Wrestling Podcast Roundtable Feat: Rant With Ant, The Chairshot & Mat Men Wrestling Podcast

March 7, 2019

Today on the Big Gold Belt Podcast, The BGB Crew get together for this weeks latest episode.

This episode is a special Allstar Roundtable event where special guests and friends join the show, including :

Anthony Destefano- Rant With Ant Wrestling Podcast
Andrew Zarian- Host of What The Tech & Mat Men
Greg DeMarco – The

This show will tackle the hottest and most debatable topics in the world of pro wrestling by some of the most knowledgeable & well respected figured in the wrestling community.

Topics for today’s show include:

• RIP to “George the Animal steele” right? Per enzo amore haha naw naw King Kong Bundy
Whom hasn’t made it in hall of fame yet and of course with his untimely death people are asking why. But besides that point what do you guys fill requirements should be and how you feel about the 2019 class as its shaping up
• Dean Ambrose “will not be renewing his contract with WWE when it expires in April.” Which is a rare approach by WWE but reports are coming out that maybe things have change with the big dawg returning… Guys how do you see this playing out..
• WWE Hiring’s firing and calls and all types of shifting. TJP Tye Dillinger Hideo Itami Arn Anderson left, Bruce Prichard Dana warrior hired. Man what are the qualifications for hiring now and days
• NXT Call ups shifting around to 205LIVE RAW SDLIVE NXT UK and even working more independent shows Man what a time.. but for the call ups a lot of people are calling it (Pointless matches by just bringing them up unannounced and working random match ) well in fact I describe it as a new tactic for exposure instead of the usually (These guys are coming soon method)
• Tommaso Ciampa Will Have Neck Surgery And Vacate The NXT Championship (6-14 months on the shelf) What does NXT Do moving forward
• The Women Carrying Wrestlemania season this year RIGHT?.. is it a sure lock for main event closing out WWE ?
• WM Weekend plans

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