AEW Sends Out Warning To Fans Over Fake Casting Call

January 16, 2021

The internet can be a dangerous place sometimes, whether it’s falling into dangerous conspiracy theory rabbit holes, or people trying to scam you. And sometimes even if it seems innocent, it’s unfortunately not.

AEW didn’t outright say it, but they have alluded that someone is apparently doing a casting call to look for fans of AEW, but it isn’t from a legitimate source. AEW got ahead of any of these notices by tweeting out they are not doing any sort of casting call, but if they were that they would make an announcement personally.

Things like that, sadly, should be common sense. But sometimes in the sense of enthusiasm and excitement, people forget that. Unfortunately AEW has struggled with fake accounts lately, with people setting up fake accounts in the name of Brodie Lee Jr. and his mother. Good on AEW for getting ahead of these.

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