It has previously been reported that AEW is planning on going hard after WWE Superstars whose contracts are expiring in 2019.

With All Elite Wrestling already making a huge statement by signing Chris Jericho and PAC, formerly Neville in WWE, it has led to a lot of speculation that the company has a chance legitimately provide an alternative workplace for wrestlers to go outside of WWE. This could also be why WWE is said to be trying to lock in some of their key talent with new deals.

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer pointed out that AEW is going to be talking to whomever they possibly can. However, if they are currently under contract with WWE, obviously negotiations with anyone else couldn’t begin until after their contract expired. He added that the current situation surrounding AJ Styles is interesting indeed.

Regarding AJ Styles, Meltzer said:

“I don’t know who’s [contract is] up. I don’t know who [AEW would] be interested in signing. There’s guys out there. If you look at anyone on that [WWE] roster who’s contract is up who worked for PWG or Ring Of Honor, they probably know the Young Bucks.”

“I think all of them unless they become really top guys and even then I mean AJ Styles — Daniel Bryan signed a new contract in September so it ain’t gonna be him.”

“AJ Styles’ deal is up pretty soon and they know him. They’re good friends with AJ and it’s really up to AJ but it does give him… I will say this AJ’s got a Hell of a lot of leverage right now because AJ’s a key guy and All Elite would offer him… I mean a great deal for sure and an easier schedule for sure.”

Meltzer also went on to say that there isn’t anyone in WWE currently that has a better deal than AJ Styles when it comes to choosing between AEW & WWE, with maybe the exception of Kenny Omega.

Meltzer noted that nobody has a better deal than AJ Styles right now when it comes to choosing between the two companies except for maybe Kenny Omega. He also stated that if some talents who are close with members of The Elite, such as Adam Cole, let their contracts expire then they might end up very happy about that decision.

In addition WWE recently gave Daniel Bryan a much easier schedule, which was how the company was able to convince him to re-sign. AJ Styles is also said to be at the point in his career when he too wants an easier schedule.

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