#BGB Podcast Ep. 293: Safety Dance

The Big Gold Belt Group is back to cover another week in wrestling! -Alex Reynolds scary injury on #AEWDynamite raises questions agina about injury protocols in AEW and the perceived care of performers while in the ring. -Matt Hardy & Sami Guevara are headed to Elite Deletion at Full Gear, the guys discuss how AEW can safely handle this match and Matt & Sami's future in All Elite Wrestling. -Thoughts on Chris Jericho & MJF: The Musical and sports entertainment's place in AEW. Read More

#BGB Podcast Ep. 292: Collective Outbreak

The Big Gold Belt Podcast returns with so much to discuss including: -The aftermath of The Collective rocks the indie wrestling world. -We breakdown the PWI Women's 500 and discuss the standouts and surprises to be found in the rankings. Read More

#BGB Podcast Ep. 290: Draft Season

The Big Gold Belt Group returns to talk another week in wrestling: -WWE teams up with Peacock and we discuss the evolving landscape of streaming in wrestling. -The WWE Draft returns and the guys discuss... Read More

#BGB Podcast Ep. 288: PURE Statement

The Big Gold Belt Group returns with a brand new episode talking the week in wrestling: -Ring of Honor returns with the #ROHPure tournament. We discuss the new format of Ring of Honor and discuss if a sports based presentation can work in pro wrestling in 2020. -We discuss if WWE is trying new things or responding to the current political & social climate? -Plus the rise of the Hurt Business and more fun with High/Low Cameo on a an all new episode. Read More
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Founder of Big Gold Belt Media, and Host of the Big Gold Belt Podcast. From wrestling to nerd culture, sports entertainment and movies.


Co-Host of the Big Gold Belt Podcast. He has been a pro wrestling fan for as long as he can remember.


Co-Host of the Big Gold Belt Podcast. 30 plus years of pro wrestling, MMA & DC sports. Lover of whiskey, wine & good TV


Co-Host of the Big Gold Belt Podcast. Wrestling is like any production, it's all a show and we are the benefactors of it. Outside of wrestling; gaming, nerd culture, and human relationships/dynamics all are topics I cover on various broadcasts.

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